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  Ladakh and Its Mountains

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PostSubject: Ladakh and Its Mountains   14/11/2010, 10:16 am

Ladakh, also called the Land of the High Passes, is part of theIndian State of Jammu and Kashmir. It lies in between two world’sgreatest mountain ranges, i.e. the Himalayan Ranges and the KarakorumRanges. The people who stay there are migrants of Indo Aryans andTibetan civilization.The Ladakh region is very thinly populated. This place is said to bethe young land and only formed a few million years ago. Ladakh has analtitude of 9000 feet at Kargil and 21,170 feet at Saser Kanri. Thetemperature in winter reaches minus 22 degree Celsius and duringsummers, can go up to 20 plus. Leh and Ladakh have been said to be theonly places where you can have a sun stroke as well as frostbit at thesame time.Water in such places is always scarce because the place hardlyreceives any rain. Ladakh was once covered by a Lake. The main sourceof water here is the melted water from the snow which is carried downby smaller streams and thus helps in irrigation. The farmers usuallypray that the rains should not destroy their crops and the sun shouldmelt the snow which should be the real source of irrigation. It isinteresting and shocking to know that the place does not receive anywater from the rain for almost 300 days in one year.There are beautiful mountains all over Ladakh and it’s worthvisiting if you’re into mountain activities. Some of the adventuresthat tourists can indulge into are mountain climbing, cycling, Jeep andyak safari, trekking etc. Also, there are a lot of monateries in Ladakhthat are worth visiting.
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Ladakh and Its Mountains
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