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  Alhambra Palace in Granada

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PostSubject: Alhambra Palace in Granada   13/11/2010, 8:49 pm

The Alhambra in Spain is called the red fortress and it is locatedin Granada, Spain. This place is a fort that is very complex in itsstructure. It was built by the Moorish who was a ruler in SouthernSpain. The Fortress was made on a hilly terrain on the south – east ofthe city. Today, the Alhambra is one of the main tourist attractions ofthe country. Quite a few years ago, it was known to be a residentialplace of the Muslim rulers. It has some very intrinsic and beautifulIslamic architecture. During the 16th century, it had manyinterventions and all that can even be seen today.The total length of the Alhambra is 740 meter and it has one of thelargest widths. The best and the strongest position is the citadel.Other than the west side of the place, all the other sides of the wallis weak. In total, it has 13 towers. A river divides the Granada Valleyand the Alhambra Park is kind of parallel to the Monte Mauror.The Alhambra is a true reflection of the ruler Nasrid Emirate ofGranada. A lot of people with distinct wellness and intellect have beena part of this place as refuges. This site has a very complex mix ofboth the natural and manmade places. It is said that Muslims aresuppose to be one of the best craftsmen and every little piece of workin this proves this statement right. The entire fortress is made up ofred clay.
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Alhambra Palace in Granada
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