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Amr Mohammed Moussa (Arabic: عمرو محمد موسى‎; born 1936) is the Secretary-General of the Arab League, a22-member forum representing Arabnations.
Early career
1957 Graduated Cairo University, LL.B.Faculty of Law
1958 Joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Egypt
1958–1972 Worked in several Egyptian missions including Egypt’s Embassy inSwitzerland and Egyptian mission to the United Nations
1974–1977 Advisor to the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Egypt
1977 – 1981, 1986 – 1990 Director, Department of International Organizations,Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Egypt
1981 – 1983 Deputy Permanent Representatives to the United Nations in New York
1983 – 1986 Ambassador to India
1990 – 1991 Permanent Representative of Egypt to the United Nations
1991 – 2001 Minister of Foreign Affairs
2001 Secretary General of the League of Arab States
2001 Awarded the Grand Cordon of the Nile, Egypt
2001 The Two Niles, First Class, Sudan
Also he awarded high Decorations from the following States: Ecuador, Brazil,Argentina & the German Federation
2003 Member of the United Nations High Level Panel on Threats, Challenges andChange for International Peace and Security
Critics of current Egyptian president Hosni Mubarakallege that Moussa's appointment to the Office of Secretary-General of the ArabLeague was motivated by Mubarak's desire to remove him from the publicspotlight.
In 2004 an online community gathered tensof thousands of signatures petitioning for Moussa to run in the 2005 elections,but there was no response. In a Doha Debate Forum televised by the BBCin 2006 [1], Moussa wasasked about his Presidential hopes. Moussa merely replied that he hoped tocontinue the recent run of successes that have occurred under his leadership atthe Arab League until the end of his term.

Moussa with President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev in Cairo on 23 June 2009.
In 2009, he signed a memorandum ofunderstanding with the HolySee and met with Pope Benedict XVI inorder to strengthen joint projects and to promote peace and dialogue on acultural and political level.[1]
Secretary-General of the Arab League
On June 13, 2010 Moussa visited Gaza in a move to pressure Israel to lift its economic blockade overHamas-ruled Gaza.[2] The visitby Moussa was the first by an official of the Arab League since the election ofHamas in 2007. Immediately after the Gaza flotilla raid, Moussa said the Arab League would go tothe UN Security Council to demand the blockade be lifted.
Possible presidentialcandidacy
Main article:Egyptian presidential election, 2011
When asked about rumours that he might runfor Presidency in 2011, Amr Moussa did not deny his intention to run for officeor rule it out, leaving the door open to speculations. He argued that"It's the right of every citizen that has the capacity and efficiency toaspire to any political office that would allow him to contribute to theservice of his nation"[3]. Hefurther stated to the press that the qualities required to be the President of Egypt also apply to Gamal Mubarak, sonof the Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, saythat citizenship, rights and obligations apply to him can be also apply to Gamal Mubarak[4]. He alsoexpressed appreciation "for the confidence expressed by many people whenthey talk about his candidacy for the presidency and that the message reachedhim."[5].
Amr Moussa held talks with Mohamed Elbaradei afterhis return to Egypt.Many speculate that this meeting was held to discuss Constitutional reformsthat will allow transparency in the election process as well as liftingrestrictions on independent candidates.
Moussa speaksto journalists at the World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland, 2007
Although credited with shaking-up the ArabLeague’s bureaucracy [6], Moussahas been criticized by former and current staff members of the Arab League forhis management of the organization. In her book, The League of the ArabStates: what’s left of it, former Arab League and Syrian diplomat Kawkab Najib El-Rayess accused Moussa offavoritism and promoting his loyalists into the high ranks of the Arab Leagueat the expense of the more-qualified diplomats [7].
Dhabiya Khamis, a writer and diplomat from the United Arab Emirates, and current employee of the Arab League,posted positive comments about El-Rayess’s book on her personal blog [8]. Inresponse to her comments, Khamis was the target of an Arab League inquirycommission which she formally protested to the Secretary General and indicatedthat she views it as means of intellectual and professional intimidation [9]. In aletter to the Arab Writers Union, Khamis said that following the inquirycommission, she was downgraded from her previous position at the organizationand was the target of multiple intimidations that culminated in the terminationof her position at the Arab League in 21 June 2010
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